Learn Better as a White Belt

BJJFlowCharts-Learn Better as a White Belt

When you're a white belt, most gyms will teach you like this: You go to class, do some jumping jacks, run around, then the coach shows a move, and then you roll.

There are several issues with this approach. First, if jumping jacks made you better at Jiu-Jitsu, cross-fitters would win the World Championships!


Second and most importantly, it doesn't give you any sense of direction. To understand, let's take an analogy. You are in the middle of Manhattan. You've never been there; you don't have your phone. I give you a new pair of sneakers, then I leave and say: "Go to the Empire State Building." How inefficient will this be? You don't know where you are, you don't know where to go, you're not even sure what you are looking for...

Now, instead of sneakers, I give you a city map. You're still on foot; it will take time, but now, you know in which direction you need to walk! What would you choose? The new sneakers or the map? You don't need to answer. I know which one you want! Instead of random techniques, you must first learn the concepts and get a sense of direction. You need to see the game from a bird's point of view to get the big picture.

BJJFlowCharts-Learn Better as a White Belt


Let's make a thought experiment. We take two complete beginners with similar physical attributes. You show a sweep from De La Riva (an advanced guard) to the first one. The second one, you don't show any technique, but you tell him the following: "I want you to put him down. Once he's on the ground, use movements to pass his legs. Stay on top no matter what. The goal is to get Mounted on him like you would ride a horse." Then you make them roll. Which one do you think will do better? If you're like me, you will bet on the second one, and you will be right to do so!


Now you might think: "Okay, I'm in, but where do I start, and what will be a city map for Jiu-Jitsu?" On the website, you will find The Fundamentals Blueprint, a tool designed for white belts. It contains everything you need to learn to get to the blue belt level. The Fundamentals Blueprint organizes the 139 techniques (videos embedded) with FlowCharts that will act like a GPS. You will know where you are, where you are supposed to go, and the techniques to get there.

BJJFlowCharts-Learn Better as a White Belt


Let's be very clear. The Fundamentals Blueprint is not a substitute for the gym. You cannot learn Jiu-Jitsu from home. You must go to the gym and train there as much as possible. But what you can do is study at home! Who will have better grades, the university student who goes to class or the one who goes to class and does his homework? It's obvious, right? The Fundamentals Blueprint is a tool to make you study the game. You will understand better, train smarter, and improve faster!

Of course, I'm biased, but I firmly believe this is the best learning approach. If you want to learn more, look at The Fundamentals Blueprint, and if you want a sneak peak, I have a free program: 30 Days of Jiu-Jitsu! Train smarter today!



We saw why the traditional teaching method should be replaced by one that gives you a sense of direction and makes you see the game from a bird's point of view.

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