BJJFlowCharts-The Fundamentals Blueprint

The Fundamentals Blueprint

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The first years of Jiu-Jitsu are hard. You spend months being tossed around and overwhelmed by the scope of techniques. To change that, you need to understand the game!

The Fundamentals Blueprint will give you the big picture. It will take you through an entire game you need to know. You will see the game as a whole, with options in all the classical positions.

BJJFlowCharts-The Fundamentals Blueprint

You will find 139 embedded videos in The Fundamentals Blueprint! Just click on the technique, and you'll see the move performed. Each video has key details to ensure you focus on what matters! No fluff, straight to the point! It's your roadmap to success!

In The Fundamentals Blueprint, you will find everything you need to go from white to blue belt. You will need approximately two years to master its content.

BJJFlowCharts-The Fundamentals Blueprint

Let's be very clear. The Fundamentals Blueprint is not a substitute for the gym. You cannot learn Jiu-Jitsu from home. You must go to the gym and train there as much as possible. But what you can do is study at home! Who will have better grades, the university student who goes to class or the one who goes to class and does his homework? It's obvious, right? BJJFlowCharts offers tools to make you study the game. You will understand better, train smarter, and improve faster!


The flowchart concept has been established for decades. It's used by top strategy consultants to solve complex problems. And what is Jiu-Jitsu? Mostly problem-solving! Your deadliest weapon is not your physique; it's your brain! Train smarter and become a smarter grappler!

BJJFlowCharts-The Fundamentals Blueprint

Now, you might be thinking. "Ok, the concept is great. But how do I know the techniques are legit?" Fair point! Spoiler: It's top-notch! All the techniques on The Fundamentals Blueprint are based on the John Danaher systems. It speaks for itself!

"Perfect! But how do I use it exactly?" It's effortless to use. The Fundamentals Blueprint is a PDF you can use on all your devices. It's perfect to use on your phone. It's also super easy to print.

BJJFlowCharts-The Fundamentals Blueprint


You'll see great results quickly for less than $0.55 per video (a fraction of a cheap coffee!). When you buy The Fundamentals Blueprint, you become a FlowCharter. You can always message me to discuss a technique or anything else. I'll be more than happy to help.

Join the BJJFlowCharts community and improve faster starting today!


1. Double Leg
2. Single Leg
3. Tai Otoshi
4. Uchi Mata
5. Ouchi Gari
6. Collar Drag
7. Ankle Pick
8. Drop Seoi Gari
9. Sumi Gaeshi
10. Tomoe Nage
11. Kouchi Gari
12. Guard Pull

Back Defense
1. Posture
2. Overside - Beat the Seat Belt
3. Overside - Beat the Collar Grip
4. Underside - Beat the Collar Grip
5. Underside - Beat the Seat Belt
6. Forward Roll

Mount Defense
1. Posture
2. Elbow Escape
3. Rising Shrimp
4. UPA
5. Break the Grapevines

North-South Defense
1. Posture
2. Insert your Knee
3. Get Perpendicular
4. Force Side Control

Side Control Defense
1. Posture
2. Elbow Escape
3. Belly Down Escape
4. Double Leg to the Back
5. Double Leg Cut Back
6. Half Guard Sweep
7. Elbow Escape - Sit Out
8. Elbow Escape - Reverse Sit Out
9. Prop Escape

Kesa Gatame Defense
1. Scissor Escape
2. Shoulder Escape
3. Running Escape
4. Bridge Escape

Closed Guard
1. Posture
2. Cross his Elbow
3. Back Take
4. Rolling Bow and Arrow
5. Rolling Juji Gatame
6. Flower Sweep
7. Pendulum Sweep
8. Elbow on his Center Line
9. Juji Gatame
10. Move to the Clamp
11. Triangle
12. Ude Gatame
13. Omoplata
14. Scissor Sweep
15. Kimura
16. Hip Sweep
17. Guillotine
18. Low Lapel Juji Jime
19. Break his Second Step
20. Juji Gatame - Triangle Variation
21. Scopping Sweep
22. Omoplata Sweep
23. Double Ankle Sweep

Half Guard
1. Posture
2. Underhook to Double Leg
3. Scoop his Leg
4. Lower Leg Shift
5. Knee Lever
6. Back Roll Sweep
7. Back Roll Sweep - Belt Grip
8. Inside Kuzushi
9. Outside Kuzushi
10. Elbow Escape

Butterfly Guard
1. Posture
2. Sumi Gaeshi
3. Yoko Sumi Gaeshi
4. Cross Collar Strangle
5. Kata Juji Jime

Open Guard
1. Get Collar and Sleeve
2. Triangle
3. Juji Gatame
4. Tripod Sweep
5. Overhead Sweep
6. Tomoe Nage - Lasso
7. Yoko Sumi Gaeshi - Lasso
8. Tomoe Nage - Spider
9. Sumi Gaeshi - Spider
10. Double Kouchi
11. Back to Guard

Closed Guard - Top
1. Posture
2. Stand Up 1
3. Stand Up 2
4. Stand Up 3
5. Knee Through
6. Double Under
7. Pinch your Knees

Half Guard - Top
1. Posture
2. Tripod Pass
3. Reverse Underhook Pass
4. Force Split Squat
5. Knee Cut
6. Folding Pass
7. Long Step

Open Guard - Top
1. Posture
2. Force Supine Position
3. Toreando
4. Leg Drag
5. Force Split Squat
6. Break Collar and Sleeve
7. Break the Spider
8. Break the Spider 2
9. Break the Spider 3
10. Break the Lasso
11. Break the Spider Lasso
12. Break the DLR
13. Break the DLR 2
14. Break the RDLR
15. Break the RDLR 2

Side Control
1. Posture
2. Spinning Juji Jime
3. Near Side Juji Gatame
4. Americana
5. Far Side Juji Gatame
6. Knee Drive
7. Step Over

1. Posture
2. Back Take
3. Sprawling Juji Jime

1. Posture
2. Cross Collar Strangle
3. Juji Gatame
4. Front Ezekiel
5. Americana
6. Back Head and Arm

1. Posture
2. Sliding Collar Strangle
3. Back Ezekiel
4. Sliding Collar Strangle - Seated Mount
5. Back Ezekiel - Seated Mount


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