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The Passing Blueprint

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Let's face it. Passing the guard is the hardest part of Jiu-Jitsu. There is no magic formula; being a solid guard passer takes years of practice and deep technical knowledge.

Think of the guard as a series of multiple doors, each with a particular lock. You need a specific key for each lock. The Passing Blueprint will give you those keys.

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You will find 76 embedded videos in the flowcharts! Just click on the technique, and you'll see the move performed. Each video has key details to ensure you focus on what matters! No fluff, straight to the point! It's your roadmap to success!


The flowchart concept has been established for decades. It's used by top strategy consultants to solve complex problems. And what is Jiu-Jitsu? Mostly problem-solving! Your deadliest weapon is not your physique; it's your brain! Train smarter and become a smarter grappler!

BJJFlowCharts-The Passing Blueprint

Now you might be thinking. "Ok, the concept is great. But how do I know the techniques are legit?" Fair point! Spoiler: It's top-notch! All the techniques on The Passing Blueprint Series are based on the Danaher/Gordon Ryan systems. It speaks for itself!

"Perfect! But how do I use it exactly?" It's effortless to use. The Passing Blueprint is a pdf you can use on all your devices. It's perfect to use on your phone. It's also super easy to print.

BJJFlowCharts-The Passing Blueprint


You'll see great results quickly for less than $1 per video (half the price of a cheap coffee!). When you buy The Passing Blueprint, you become a FlowCharter. You can always message me to discuss a technique or anything else. I'll be more than happy to help.

Join the BJJFlowCharts community and improve faster starting today!


Closed Guard - 5 techniques
Seated Guard - 3 techniques
Supine Guard - 11 techniques
Ashi Garami - 8 techniques
Butterfly Guard - 13 techniques
Half Guard - 16 techniques
Half Butterfly - 6 techniques
Deep Half Guard - 14 techniques


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