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The Blue Print Leglocks

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Leglocks are more than just submissions; they enhance your entire game!

Traditionally, the only way to make progress during a match was to move toward your opponent's head.

Now, you will be able to move toward his legs and play a dilemma: switch directions when he denies one.

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I started to study leglocks in 2015 by watching tapes of Eddie Cummings and Garry Tonon. At that time, the leglocks system was a well-kept secret.

I've spent countless hours drilling, analyzing matches and DVDs, I've trained with the DDS, and the result is this body of work: the Blue Print Leglocks.

I'm very proud of it, and I know you will love it.

The Blue Print Leglocks - Understand the Game


Sure, you probably know the basics of leglocks, but this Blue Print goes deep! (List of the techniques below)

It covers everything you need: Concepts, Controls, Entries, Transitions, and Breaking Mechanisms.

You will learn the latest evolution of the leglock game: the Back Side, a powerful addition to the leglock arsenal! In this position, your opponent cannot see you, he cannot access your hands, and his heel is completely exposed, making this position a nightmare!

The Blue Print Leglocks - Back Side

The Blue Print Leglocks will teach you the techniques and when to use them! As many things happen in a match, clear and straightforward cues are essential in choosing your move!

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print Leglocks - Train Smarter

As always, no fluff, straight to the point. See the techniques from different angles and in slow motion. Don't miss anything!


Still $1 per video and always less than half the price of a cheap coffee!

You'll see the fear in your enemies' eyes when you entangle their legs!

As always, send me a message if you want to discuss a technique or anything else. I'm happy to help!

Join us to the Dark Side and become a complete grappler starting today!


Ashi Garami / Wrestling up Dilemma
Grips and High Hands

Irimi Ashi Control
Cross Ashi Control
50/50 Control
Outside Ashi Control

Seated to Irimi
Seated to Irimi - Foot Assist
Knee Wrestling - Ashi Slide
Knee Wrestling - Ankle Pick and Pull
Imanari Roll
Reverse Imanari
Guard Passing - Pummel and Fall Across
Guard Passing - Open Closed Guard to Irimi
Guard Passing - Counter Opened Closed Guard Sweep
Guard Passing - Drag from Torreando
Guard Passing - Back Step
Guard Passing - DLR to Knee Bar
Guard Passing - Spinning from Split Squat
Guard Passing - Counter Kiss of the Dragon
Butterfly - Elevation to Irimi
Butterfly - Sumi Gaeshi to Cross Ashi
Butterfly - Sumi Gaeshi to Cross Ashi - Inversion
Butterfly - Sumi Gaeshi to Back Side
Butterfly - Yoko Sumi Gaeshi to Cross Ashi
Butterfly - Yoko Sumi Gaeshi to Irimi
Butterfly - Heist Up and Roll Under
Butterfly - Arm Drag to Irimi
Escape - Kipping
Escape - Knee Lever
Half Butterfly - To Outside Ashi
Half Butterfly - To Cross Ashi
K-Guard to Back Side
Head Quarter to Irimi

Outside Ashi - Tuck and Roll
Outside Ashi - Heist to Cross Ashi
Outside Ashi - Heist to Knee Bar
Outside Ashi - Tuck and Roll to Back Side
50/50 - Switch to Far Hip Ashi
Irimi Sweep
Irimi Sweep with Kick
Irimi to Irimi
Irimi to Outside Ashi - Roll Through
Irimi to Outside Ashi - Kneeling
Irimi to Outside Ashi - Standing
Irimi to Outside Ashi - Step Over
Irimi to Cross Ashi
Toe Hold to Cross Ashi
Ankle Lock to Cross Ashi
Reverse X to Cross Ashi - Standing
Irimi to Cross Ashi - Kneeling
Cross Ashi to Knee Bar
50/50 to Knee Bar
Outside Heel Hook to Back Side - Turning
50/50 to Back Side - Kneeling
Cross Ashi to Back Side - Standing
Cross Ashi - Roll to Cross Ashi
Cross Ashi - Roll to Back Side

Breaking Mechanics
Outside Heel Hook - Side
Outside Heel Hook - Flat
Outside Heel Hook - Belly Down
Inside Heel Hook Cross Ashi - Side
Inside Heel Hook Cross Ashi - Side 2
Inside Heel Hook Cross Ashi - Flat
Cross Ashi - Attack Secondary Foot
Cross Ashi - Expose the Heel
Inside Heel Hook 50/50 - Side 1
Inside Heel Hook 50/50 - Side 2
Inside Heel Hook 50/50 - Separate his Heels
Inside Heel Hook 50/50 - Elevate his Heel
Inside Heel Hook 50/50 - Switch to Toe Hold
Toe Hold
Knee Bar Finish
Ankle Lock
Belly Down Ankle Lock
Estima Lock
Corkscrew Foot Lock
Back Side Cross Ashi
Back Side 50/50


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