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Remember when you were a kid? You probably had to deal with a form of bullying. Maybe it was just one time; perhaps it lasted weeks or months. And if you're like me, you didn't know how to deal with the situation. It happens to everyone. It will happen to your kids. And it is not something to take lightly!

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print Family


Bullies don't attack anyone and everyone. They are predators who very carefully pick out the persons they think will make the easiest prey. They don't want someone who will fight back. You need to look strong and confident. And for that, there is only one solution. You need to know you can handle the situation if it gets out of control.

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print Family


You want to teach your kids and partner how to defend themselves but don't know where to start? In The Blue Print Family, you'll find 49 techniques with videos to empower your family to protect themselves. Jiu-Jitsu is perfect for dealing with one vs. one altercation. You can protect yourself, take the bully down, and control him on the floor. The Blue Print Family covers all the typical school fights situations.

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print Family

You won't find submissions or boxing in this FlowChart. It's all about distance management, takedowns, strikes protections, and obtaining good positions. It's about control, not inflicting damages or escalating violence. Believe me, once a bully is pinned on the floor, he will think twice before picking your kid up the next time.


Practicing at home with your family is a fantastic way to strengthen the bonds. In an era where we all waste too much time on the screens, quality time with your family is priceless!

I've been practicing martial arts my whole life, and I can say with absolute confidence that the people who know how to fight are, in general, the nicest people you will ever meet. They don't need to be angry or to prove something. They burn their angriness in the gym, and they prove themselves on the mat!

For that reason alone, I firmly believe everyone should know the basics of combat. It's also essential for your partner, especially if she's a woman, because you know the World.

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print Family


I never urge you to buy something because I have absolute faith in my work, and I know you will enjoy the FlowCharts if you're interested. But this one is different. I urge you to buy The Blue Print Family and to practice with your family because it will make a huge difference in their lives.

It's one of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones.
And for $49, that's a no brainer!


Circle of Protection
Punch Clinch
Bear Hug
Tai Otoshi
Double Leg
Arm Drag & Ankle Block
Headlock Defense
Collar Grab Defense
High Single Leg

Elephant Defense (Kesa Gatame)
Scissor Escape
Shoulder Escape
Running Escape
Bridge Escape

Koala Defense (Back Defenses)
Shoulder Escape
Hip Escape

Horse Defense (Mount Bottom)
Elbow Escape

Crocodile Defense (Side Control Bottom)
Elbow Escape
Underhook Escape

Snake (Closed Guard)
Safeguard 1
Safeguard 2
Safeguard 3
Scissor Sweep
Hips Bump

Marsupilami (Open Guard Bottom)
Safeguard 4
Tripod Sweep
Technical Stand Up

Snake – Top (Closed Guard Top)
Stand Up
Caterpillar Pass

Marsupilami - Top (Open Guard Top)
Groundhog Pass
Falcon Pass
Gorilla Pass

Crocodile (Side Control Top)
Crocodile Control
To Horse
To Eagle

Eagle (Knee on Belly)
Eagle Control

Horse (Mount Top)
Horse Control
Zebra Control
To Koala

Koala (Back Attacks)
Koala Control
Back to Horse
Trap his Arm


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Picture/Illustration by TK Hammonds and Mohamed Hassan

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