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The Blue Print 2 - Defenses

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You learned the fundamentals with The Blue Print. Now you'll go deeper!

"The Blue Print 2 - Defenses" covers all the systems and tactics you need to know to become an escape artist.

Your defenses are the most critical part of your game. Without absolute confidence in your ability to escape, you'll never have the spirit to attack! This Blue Print is the base of your entire game.

Gi lovers, do not fear! All the techniques and tactics in "The Blue Print Defenses" work the same in the Gi.

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Defenses


BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Defenses

If you read the blog, you know of the 80/20 Principle. The principle states that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts.

The Blue Print 2 is that twenty percent. Nowadays, you see new instructionals with fancy techniques and endless variations of moves every week!

But what you need is reliable and straightforward techniques proven to work at the highest level!

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Defenses

Don't lose yourself in a myriad of techniques. The Blue Print 2 will be the backbone of all your defenses. It's a collection of techniques and tactics that will account for 80% (even more actually!) of your defenses!

It will give you a sense of direction!



BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Defenses

Tactics are rarely taught, and it's a pity! They are crucial in your development!

Get a sense of direction and know what you need to do first. Then execute the tactics using techniques!

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Defenses

As a lot of things happen in a match. Clear and straightforward cues are essential in knowing how to choose a move!

See the moves from different angles, and in slow-motion. Don't miss anything!

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Defenses


Still $1 per video and always less than half the price of a cheap coffee!

You'll see the disbelief in your enemies' eyes when they'll realize they cannot catch you!

As always, send me a message if you want to discuss a technique or anything else. I'm happy to help!

Join the defense movement and be uncatchable starting today!


Standing - Tactic
Defensive Layers
Single Leg Defense
Double Leg Defense
Front Headlock Defense
Funk Roll

Open Guard Bottom
Open Guard Bottom - Tactic

Guard Retention Specific System
2on1 Defense
Knee Lever Sweep
Running Escape
Sumi Gaeshi from Body Lock
Smashed Half Guard Defense
T-Kimura Escape
Floating Pass Counter
Leg Drag Defense
Toreando Counter

Guard Retention General System
Posture - Grips - Pummels
Scoot or Scissor
Far Shoulder Push
High Scissor
Head Push
Power Prop

Open Guard Top
Open Guard Top - Tactic
The Conor Roll
1/4 Juji Defense

Leglocks Defense System
Key Concepts against Heel Hooks
Prevention – Cross Push
Knee Bar Defense
Counter Cross Ashi
Defend 50/50
Counter Irimi Ashi
Counter Outside Ashi
Smash Outside Ashi
Ankle Lock Defense
Toe Hold Defense

Closed Guard Bottom
Closed Guard Bottom – Tactic – SELF DEFENSE VERSION

Strike Protection System
Safeguard 1
Safeguard 2
Safeguard 3
Safeguard 4

Closed Guard Top
Closed Guard Top - Tactic
Cancel his Attacks

Triangle Defenses
Frame his Hips
Throw your Legs Over

Armbar Defenses
Free your Shoulder
Stacking Defense

Guillotine Defenses
Arm-in Defense
Low Elbow Defense
High Elbow Defense

Kimura Defenses
Roll forward

Mount Bottom
Mount Bottom - Tactic
Keep Him Low
Vise Defense
Mounted Guillotine Defense
Ratchet Defense
Kata Gatame Defense

Mount Escape System
Elbow Escape
Shaking Escape

Back Defense
Back Defense - Tactic
Beat the Shoulder Line
Beat the Bottom Hook
Beat the Top Hook
Free your Arm
Free your Arm – Crossed Feet
Back Triangle Defense
Back Triangle Emergency

Makimomi Roll
Stand Up
Near Shoulder Roll

Side Control Bottom
Side Control Bottom – Tactic
Kimura/Americana Defense
Darce Defense

Side Control Escape System
Advanced Elbow Escape
1/4 Juji from Bottom
Sit Up Escape
Knee on Belly Escape

Spider Web Defense
Back to Stacking
Elbow on the Mat
Turning Escape

North-South Bottom
North-South Choke Defense


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