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The Blue Print 2 - Attacks

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You learned the fundamentals with The Blue Print. Now you'll go to the next level!

"The Blue Print 2 - Attacks" covers all the systems and tactics you need to know to become a submission artist.

The spirit of Jiu-Jitsu is to get the submission. Sadly, you cannot submit anyone good with isolated moves. You need a systemic approach to link your offenses and get the breakthrough.
This Blue Print will teach you to become a weapon.

Gi lovers, do not fear! All the techniques and tactics in "The Blue Print Attacks" work the same in the Gi.

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Attacks


BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Attacks

If you read the blog, you know of the 80/20 Principle. The principle states that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts.

The Blue Print 2 is that twenty percent. Nowadays, you see new instructionals with fancy techniques and endless variations of moves every week! But when you look at high-level competitors, they never use them. They stick to a limited number of techniques, and they dominate!

The Blue Print 2 is a collection of techniques and tactics that will account for 80% (even more actually!) of your submissions!

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Attacks

Don't lose yourself in a myriad of techniques. The Blue Print 2 will be the backbone of all your attacks. It will give you a sense of direction!



BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Attacks

Tactics are rarely taught, and it's a pity! They are crucial in your development!

Get a sense of direction and know what you need to do first. Then execute the tactics using techniques!

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Attacks

As a lot of things happen in a match. Clear and straightforward cues are essential in knowing how to choose a move!

See the moves from different angles, and in slow-motion. Don't miss anything!

BJJFlowCharts-The Blue Print 2-Attacks

With "In Action" videos to see the moves performed in real competitive training situations.


Still $1 per video and still less than half the price of a cheap coffee!

You'll see the panic in your enemies' eyes quickly!

As always, send me a message if you want to discuss a technique or anything else. I'm always happy to help!

Join the submission movement and be feared starting today!


Open Guard - Top
Open Guard – Top - Tactic
Force the Supine Guard
Counter Shin to Shin – Early Response
Counter Shin to Shin – Late Response
Toreando to North South
Leg Drag
Steal inside Foot Position
Body Lock
Head Quarter Position
Head Quarter Position – Leg Outside
Knee Through
Folding Pass
Knee Cut
Legs Pummeling
Hip Switch

SLX - Top
SLX Pass

Closed Guard
Breaking the Closed Guard

Rubber Guard
Breaking the Rubber Guard

Open Guard - Bottom
Open Guard – Bottom - Tactic
Foot Harassment
Double Ko-Uchi Gari
Hip Heist – Arm Drag

Shin to Shin
Shin to Shin - Tactic
Enter SLX
Enter SLX – Secondary Leg

SLX – Standing Opponent
SLX – Standing Opponent – Tactic
SLX Sweep
Forward Push
X-Guard Sweep
Reverse X

SLX – Opponent on the Ground
SLX – Opponent on the Ground – Tactic
Outside Heelhook
Follow-up to the Back
Straight Ankle Lock

Cross Ashi
Cross Ashi – Tactic
Inside Heelhook

Back – Standing
Back - Standing – Tactic
The Broomstick
Foot Block
The Eagle Dive

Back – Tactic
Trap the Arm
Neck Penetration System
Rear Naked Strangle
Rear Triangle
Switch Side
Tripod and Sit Back

Turtle – Tactic
Break him Down to a Hip
Near Side Entry
Far Side Entry

Mount – Tactic
The Ratchet
The Vise
Back Take
Mounted Armbar
Mounted Triangle
Kata Gatame

Side Control
Side Control – Tactic
Top Pressure
Rolling Back Take

North South
North South – Tactic
North South Choke
Back Take

Single Leg on the Mat
Single Leg on the Mat – Tactic
Mounted Triangle
Side Triangle
To The Front Headlock Position
Kimura Grip

T-Kimura Position
T-Kimura Position - Tactic
To the Back
Cross Kimura

Butterfly – Tactic
Sumi Gaeshi
Seated Guillotine
Mounted Guillotine
Hip Heist
2on1 to Trap Triangle
Front Triangle
3/4 Juji
Shoulder Crunch Sumi Gaeshi
Arm Drag to the Back
Arm Drag to SLX
Double Under Elevation

SLX – Kneeling Opponent
SLX – Kneeling Opponent - Tactic
Outside Heelhook - Kneeling

Front Headlock Position
Front Headlock Position – Tactic
Knee Block
Craddle to Outside Heelhook


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