FlowChart - Front Headlock - Enter the System by John Danaher

FlowChart - Front Headlock - Enter the System by John Danaher

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This FlowChart is designed to be used alongside the DVD of John Danaher

Let me ask you a question. If you had to explain the entire Front Headlock system, how would you perform?

If you're like all of us, you will probably struggle!

That's very natural because it's impossible to connect all the dots (let alone remember everything!) after watching ten hours of videos.

To master the system, you need a map to see it as a whole. Only then will you truly learn and add it to your game.

BJJFlowCharts-Flow Chart of Danaher's Front Headlock Jiu-Jitsu System


The FlowChart organizes the system in a step by step and logical fashion. You will discover all the interconnections between the moves, which are difficult to grasp by just watching the instructional.

Plus, each technique has a timestamp to refer to the DVD quickly. Don't waste time searching for a technique you think you saw on DVD 3 somewhere...

With the FlowChart, the system will be clearer. You will learn it much faster!

BJJFlowCharts-Flow Chart of Danaher's Front Headlock Jiu-Jitsu System


You might be thinking "It looks cool but is it that helpful?"

Yes! Sciences prove that flow charts significantly increase comprehension and information retention. A lot of industries use the concept.

"Is there videos included in the FlowChart?"

No, This FlowChart is a tool designed to be used alongside the DVD of John Danaher. It's not a substitute.


Fun fact, it takes 40h to craft a FlowChart. That's $1 per hour.

Your time is much more valuable than that!

Become a FlowCharter and level up your game starting today!

BJJFlowCharts-Flow Chart of Danaher's Front Headlock Jiu-Jitsu System


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan R
BJJFlowCharts helps us work smarter

There's no denying the material put out by the Danaher Death Squad (DDS) is the cream of the crop...the issue is how people are actually absorbing this content. I was one of the earliest supporters of BJJFlowCharts and purchase every flowchart they release. Why? Because they're making it SIGNIFICANTLY EASIER to absorb the best instructional content on planet Earth. You'll see this review on every instructional. Know why? Because not spending a few dollars extra dollars on something that makes it 100x easier to digest and refer to content that you spend at least $197 on alongside at least 10 hours of your life, makes NO SENSE. Support the DDS so that they'll continue putting out systematized BJJ curriculum, and buy the accompanying flowchart. Absolute MUST HAVE for every single academy/club.

Shawn Glover
Fluid and Straightforward

Through my experiences with the flow chart it has set a simple path to follow and continue learning and chaining everything together. Nearly everything was defined and explained to the point you don't actually need the DVD's to utilize it. When you combine the chart with John Danaher's clear and detailed instructional's your flow and understanding of the front headlock and guillotine will soar to new heights. I train at a catch wrestling gym where front headlocks and guillotines are bread and butter but the expeditious rate that I was able to catch on was in large part due to having the detailed flow chart and dvd's to follow.

Toby Zimmerman
Front Head Lock

Once you try the flowcharts you will wonder what you were doing before.

They can lend structure to your situational drilling and provide overview of the system. Time stamps enable quick navigation. I found using a poster much more efficient than the electronic version and well worth the time/effort to print it.

Bottom line is makes a great product better.